Behind the name

Kämpinge strand/ south coast of Sweden


I was born in Sweden; the south of Sweden. I grew up right next to the sea and learnt to appreciate the beauty in sunsets, coastlines and nature. All my family is interested in creating with their hands, so I was surrounded with lots of fascinating projects and beautiful things all the time. My favourite pastime was to draw new designs to my paper dolls or make new clothes for my Barbies.

Work room at Buckingham Palace, from  "Dressing the Queen" by Angela Kelly.


In 1991 I moved to London. It was an exciting time to work and hang around in the fashion circles in London around this time. But Haute Couture has always been my thing, so pretty soon I found 

myself drawn to work in Couture houses such as Ritva Westenius, Suzanne Neville, Bruce Oldfield, Bellville Sassoon and The Royal Household where I was making outfits for HM the Queen.

Design sketches, for each order I make at least 4-5 different design suggestions.


After 30 years in the business I still get excited about every new project. 

My passion is fine art couture sewing and masterly pattern cutting. I love the journey one takes when embarking on the making of a couture garment. 

From the first lines sketching the design to the deep concentration and joggling with measurements versus sewing techniques that is required during the pattern cutting stage of the design. To the joy of creating a truly unique piece fitting just that client well, because of the way it is held in here or the collar is gently rounded just there.

It's all in the detail

The finishing part is one of the stages that I love the most, with numerous cups of tea I spend hours finishing the garments off by hand with pinprick stitching all around necklines and zips. Making sure the lining is secured away from the zip as to not get caught and that the neckline rolls inwards just so. 

Couture techniques

My products are all made with high quality fabrics such as lace, silk, linen or wool.

They are all hand made by me using couture techniques. 

I love to work in lace and will make your lace garment entirely by hand using a technique that will give the finished article the illusion of being shaped into 3D by magic with no seams.

Some of my other favourite techniques include hand painting as on Sibylla, ruched chiffon as on Maj wedding dress or draping as on the Catherine Jacket.

Occassion dress in hand painted silk Organza


Hand painted silk Organza

Wedding dress in silk Chiffon


Ruched silk Chiffon

Jacket i silk Zibeline


Draped silk Zibeline