Exclusive Couture

Desirée Köster Couture wedding dress in lace

How the Couture service works

It is a very personal process to make a couture or made-to-measure garment that conforms to the needs and wishes of you the client. 

As a process, it draws from time-honoured traditions in couture dressmaking, and includes the finest detailing, embroidery, fabrics and hand crafted expertise. Our aim is to provide an exclusive, unique service evolving through a number of precise steps and all designed to create a wonderful, exquisite garment just for you.


Desirée Köster Couture Design drawings

First step: Consultation

 Design ideas and fabrics to be selected 

  • The first step will be to book a consultation where you can explain your vision and we will be able to discuss possible designs and fabrics at length.

  • After this consultation, it will take us 3-4 days to create some representative drawings of the design and to begin to source the right materials.

  • Once the design is finalized and materials agreed upon, there is a 50% none refundable deposit required so we can start to order in the materials and begin work on the pattern of your garment


Desirée Köster Couture Toiling

Second Step: Toile Fitting

The next time we meet up would be at the toile fitting. For the toile fitting it is important to bring the correct bra and shoes as this can change the fit of the garment considerably if it is not the same ones that will be worn on the occasion.

  • A toile is where we make the design and pattern for the garment on an inexpensive fabric called calico, to ensure everything is perfect before we begin making the final garment itself.
  • This is also the time when you the client can contribute directly on any desired or exploratory changes, with immediate expert feedback on the likely impact of those changes, from an aesthetic, (style and suitability for the client) physical (how the dress will hang when worn) and practical point of view – not all changes will be in harmony with either the fabric, style of dress or the client's personality.
  • This is a crucial step in the making of a couture garment, as once the final garment is cut and made it is more difficult and expensive to make further changes. It is very important to us however that you the client is completely satisfied and comfortable with all the decisions on the garment so we always do our utmost to meet the requests throughout the whole process.
  • Sometimes it is necessary to make a second toile, which happens if there is a significant design change or many small changes made in arriving at the final agreed design.


Desirée Köster Couture preparing a new order

Third Step: Final design agreed and outfit created

When the final design is agreed we will go on to the next important and exciting stage to make your outfit in the real fabric previously chosen by you.

Many of our dear ladies appreciate and enjoy this step of the process as it gives an insight into the making of a couture garment and an opportunity for you the client to have further input on the direction it is all taking. This step-by-step process allows you to participate in and enjoy the important role you as the client play in the shaping of your own garment – something that is made to measure exclusively for you. And the single most significant difference between couture and off the rack.

Desirée Köster Couture Ruche'ing

Final step: Hand finishing

We will finish off the details on your outfit beautifully by hand. This is the time consuming part and what makes the garment have its own unique and distinct couture feel. A wedding dress made like this takes about 200-500 hours to make depending on the details of the design. This process, imbued with dedicated skill and passion, contributes in an unforgettable way to provide: A stunning couture dress that is luxurious and elegant and makes you feel incredibly special wearing it, knowing and feeling it was made just for YOU. 

Desirée Köster Couture hand finishing