“I had a very clear idea of what my wedding dress should look like before I contacted Desiree Koster Couture: hand appliqued delicate Chantilly lace, Chiffon layers with miniscule pin hems, a small corset…I envisioned an Haute Couture dress in the French tradition. Having worked with Desiree before, I knew that she would be capable of realizing my design in minute detail and to the highest standard.  

 Desiree is passionate about what she is does, and most importantly, she is a perfectionist. She translated my initial rough sketch into the dress I wanted to wear. The process of making the dress was very professional and enjoyable.    

 Desiree is a highly skilled pattern maker and knows about all the best places to find the right and rare fabrics. Desiree is welcoming, calm and patient, and always determined to get the tiniest aspect of the dress right. The detail of the finished product is incredible and I wish I could wear this dress all the time. As delicate as it was, the wedding dress didn’t suffer at all throughout the very hot summers day and it was comfortable to wear.    

 Desiree Koster Couture defines the fine art of dressmaking and it is an honor to own one of her dresses.”   


  "Working with Desirée was an amazing experience.  It is totally unique to work directly with a true couture designer.  She is very talented - both in terms of design and in her dressmaking craft.  Her ideas were lovely, her designs were completely magical, and the care she took making the piece was amazing.

  My mother, mother-in-law and bridesmaids who came along to various fittings were astounded at the intricacy of the process and the hours that went into it.  The whole creative process was fun, and I think there is nowhere else you go get such one-to-one attention.
She created my perfect dress, and I felt amazing on the day because I was wearing a complete one-off that was created just for me.  I could not have been happier."



  “I would highly recommend Desirée’s couture service. The little jacket she created for my winter wedding was exactly what I had pictured.

 Amidst pre-wedding fever, Desirée was calm and paid great attention to detail - I knew I was in very good hands. She went above and beyond, even attending my first dress fitting to ensure the measurements for the jacket were just right.

 The finished thing was worth every penny and knocked the spots off anything available to buy off the peg. Not that you could even compare....”    


  "I have never had a dream wedding dress in my mind, and being 5ft 10 and size 14-16 I was not typical bridal boutique material. Between a busy job and not having a clue what suited me I was getting nowhere finding a wedding dress for my special day.

 I contacted Desirée for help and her calm, helpful, expert approach immediately put me at ease.

 The process of designing and developing my dress become enjoyable, and I only wish I had contacted her much sooner.

 I am thrilled with the finished result and the quality is utterly breath taking."